Any undergraduate who obtains a general average computed on the basis of an approved formula, corresponding to each honor level indicated below shall be awarded the Certificate of Progression with honors.




First Honor 1.0 – 1.25100 – 98.5
Second Honor 1.26 – 1.5098 – 95
Third Honor 1.51 – 1.7593.5

The approved formula in the computation of general average/honors:

Subject Grades x No. of Units

———————————— = General Average

Total No. of Units/Semester

To be a candidate for Certificate of Progression with honors, a student shall have no grade below 2.5 and no failing grades in PE and NSTP although these are not included in the computation of the general average.

Candidates for the Certificate of Progression with honors shall carry at least 18 academic per semester.

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