Academic Programs

Graduate Programs

In Consortium with UM Main Davao City

Doctor of Education – Educational Management

Master of Arts in Education major in  

– Educational Management  

– Teaching English – Physical Education

– Science Teaching- Mathematics

– English

– Filipino

Master in Business AdministrationMaster of Science in Criminology

Master in Public Administration

Master of Science in Psychology

Master in Information TechnologyMaster in Information Systems

Undergraduate Programs

PACU-COA Level III Accredited Programs [read more]
Bachelor of Arts, major in: English Language [Prospectus]

Political Science [Prospectus] 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration          

Marketing Management [Prospectus]        

Financial Management [Prospectus]        

Human Resource Management [Prospectus]

Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in:        

 English [Prospectus]      

 Filipino [Prospectus]        

Mathematics [Prospectus]      

 Biological Science [Prospectus]

Bachelor of Elementary Education – Generalist [Prospectus]

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [Prospectus]

Bachelor of Science in Criminology [Prospectus] 

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology [Prospectus]

Bachelor of Science in Psychology [Prospectus]

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy [Prospectus]Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management [Prospectus]

Bachelor of Science in Computer EngineeringBachelor of Physical Education major in School P.E. [Prospectus]

Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education major in Food and Service Management [Prospectus]

Associate in Computer Technology[Prospectus]

Technical Courses/TESDA      

 Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing (EPAS) NC II         Automotive Servicing NC II         

Automotive Servicing NC I 

NEW COURSES TO BE OFFERED SY 2018-2019(Government Permit on Process)
Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education major in Electronics Automotive

Bachelor of Elementary Education Inclusive Special Education

Bachelor of Secondary Social Studies Education

Bachelor of Arts Communication Arts

Bachelor of Management Accounting

BS in Accounting Information System

BS in Internal Auditing

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