Admissions & Scholarships

Admission to the University of Mindanao is a privilege. While the University is committed to democratizing access to quality education, it reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants or to require the withdrawal of students when it believes that their presence in the University is inimical to the interest of the entire student body and the realization of the objectives of the institution.

Once the student applicant is admitted to the University, he/she enters into a contractual relation with the University. He agrees to bind himself to a strict observance and compliance with all the policies, standard rules and regulations of the University, and the law. Failure to do so empowers the University to impose the corresponding sanction in accordance with the law and/or regulations of the school. Except in cases of academic delinquency, violation of school rules and regulations, or the closure of the school itself, a student who qualifies for enrollment is qualified to stay for the entire period in which he is expected to complete his course.

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