To all alumni of UM DIGOS COLLEGE, you may now file a request for ALUMNI ID at the External Relations and Alumni Affairs Office (ERAAO). Just follow this 7 easy steps on how to get/request for an alumni ID.


1. Fill out the information sheet through google form before going to the alumni office (

2. After fill outing the form, you are required to join the official Facebook group of UMDC Alumni. You may search on fb, UM DIGOS COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ( (Exciting and special announcements will be posted on the FB GROUP)

3. Before going to the alumni office, please prepare a soft copy of your ID picture with white background (please take note that selfies are not allowed)

4. After completing the step 1, 2, & 3, you may now visit the alumni office located at the back of UMDC gymnasium. Please make sure to bring ANY VALID ID and BALLPEN

5. Before you will be given an alumni ID, the staff will check if you’ve filled out the information sheet and you’ve joined the fb group.

6. After that, the staff will give you an instructions about the ALUMNI ID.

7. After completing all the steps, you may now enjoy the benefits as an Alumnus/alumna of UM DIGOS COLLEGE by using your ALUMNI ID.

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