Dorothy A. Rupenta, RN

School Nurse

The health services (Medical and Dental Clinic) is maintained to promote the health and well-being of the University Community. The Clinic is manned by full-time and part-time physicians, dentist and nurses. Students may avail of free consultations, first aid, and initial dosage of medication for common ailments.


  • Medical services include consultation, blood pressure taking, dispensing of over-the-counter medicines, parental medications, wound care physical examination, family welfare program.
  • Dental services include consultation, dispensing of medicines, annual oral examination and simple tooth extraction.

The Center for Health Services is one of the Support Systems of UM Digos College. Its primary concern is to provide both Medical and Dental services to the Students, Parents, Stakeholders as well as to the Faculty and Staff of the University. During this time of pandemic, the school clinic continues to provide services to its clients by providing information driven through social media platforms. The school clinic also helps in maintaining the minimum health standards and protocols of the campus.

The core functions of the Center of Health Services are highly necessary to give direct and immediate services, to wit:

  • Provide Medical Consultation and Treatment
  • Provide preventive, curative, and referral Dental Services
  • Provide prompt Medical Assistance or intervention during emergency cases
  • Provide immediate comfort from common illnesses through Over The Counter (OTC) or prescribed medicines
  • Issuance of Medical Certificate/Medical Clearance 

Contact #: 09222815439


Official FB page link: N/A

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