Community Extension Center (CEC)

Overview: The Community Extension Center serves as the benchmark for the academic programs where students, faculty and staff are provided with enriching opportunities to engage with and help the communities through the different extension projects.

Community Extension is viewed as an essential part in educating the students and in enhancing the academic performance of the faculty. Community extension activities are geared towards not only helping communities but more so developing within students the values of service and community involvement essential in nation-building.

The health services (Medical and Dental Clinic) are maintained to promote the health and well-being of the University Community. The Clinic is manned by full-time and part-time physicians, dentists and nurses. Students may avail of free consultations, first aid, and initial dosage of medication for common ailments.

Vision: Empowered and self-reliant communities living a quality life.

Mission: To provide appropriate and relevant community extension programs and services to meet identified needs and problems of the people for the development of self-reliant communities through the maximum participation of the administration officials, teachers, non-teaching personnel and students. 


  • To assist in the development of communities through various extension programs and services involving local individuals and groups.
  • To promote productive and self-reliant communities through sustainable programs.


  1. To pursue development support programs for at least (2) partner communities every five (5) years.
  2. To promote community involvement among the different sectors of the UM academic community through policy formulation, community awareness programs and capability building.
  3. To establish and maintain advocacy and networking efforts concerning issues confronting the underprivileged segments of the community.
  4. To enhance people’s capability in responding to their own needs and problems thereby making them empowered and self-reliant.
  5. To undertake research and documentation activities to gain in depth knowledge that could be shared to the community and other institutions.
  6. To help generate and mobilize resources to finance livelihood projects that would increase people’s productivity towards sustainable existence.

Extension Coordinator

Responsible for the conceptualization, development and implementation of the extension program and projects as defined in the strategic plan.

Duties, Responsibilities and Qualifications of CEC Coordinator 

  1. Ensures that the community extension function of the University is carried out.
  2. Makes certain that the UM CEC vision, mission and values/goals as well as its program and services are properly and fully promulgated.
  3. Initiates the development of a University – wide plan for Community extension.
  4. Oversees the implementation of the University’s Community Extension programs.
  5. Approves and coordinates CEC activities being undertaken by the faculty, staff and students with partner communities and other stakeholders. 
  6. Ensures that the monitoring, evaluation and documentation of CEC projects and activities are undertaken.
  7. Links with Go’s, NGOs, Local Government Units and other institutions for possible resource sharing and funding of CED projects and activities
  8. Represents the University in meetings relevant to community extension work.
  9. Submits CEC reports to the administration officials on a regular basis.
  10. Supervises the CEC Personnel so that the respective functions are properly carried out.
  11. Endorses project proposals for funding by the University and other funding institutions.
  12. Meets regularly with the Focal Persons
  13. Performs other related functions as may be required by the VP for Branch Operations.


  • Medical services include consultation, blood pressure taking, dispensing of over-the-counter medicines, parenteral medications, wound care physical examination, family welfare program.
  • Dental services include consultation, dispensing of medicines, annual oral examination and simple tooth extraction.

List of Staff:

  • Melchizedek John S. Bañas, MPA – Head CEC
  • Gelli Mae N. Gallera – Office Assistant 

Contact #: +639129885554 / +639702531332

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