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Learning and Information Center (Library) 

A basic need in education, the School Library is equipped with an adequate collection of books, monographs, references, journals, manuals, abstracts, encyclopedias, dictionaries, local and foreign magazines and Philippine dailies. The library also offers audio-visual services.

Audio Visual Center

The center is equipped with projectors (multi-media, LCD, and overhead ) and a projection unit.

Multimedia Resource Center

The Multimedia Resource Center brings together educational materials, information, tutorials and links for those persons who have an interest in the creative and scholarly uses of emerging multimedia technologies.

The Center recognizes the rapidly changing and expanding uses of multimedia and instruction of multimedia technologies within the educational community. This site will promote, establish, activate and focus on multimedia knowledge, and make it available for educators and, most especially, for students.

Students who acquire skills with multimedia become active creators of content, not just passive end-users or viewers of prepackaged materials. As educators, we must have the resources to teach these fundamental skills and to effectively present and communicate ideas that provide all students with a broad range of technology skills.

Office Practice Laboratory

The student will developed the field of actual office duty in a company where they can proved their skills, ability and knowledge on how to handle a day to day activities in their office. 

Computing Laboratories

This is where students computer classes are being held. There are two computing laboratory located at Building A. Consists of 40 Computers Computing Laboratory 1 for computer educations and 40 Computers in Computing Laboratory 2 and 3 for IT Students. The software in each lab includes Microsoft Office, Web Browsers, Graphic utilities and other software depending on the primary use of the laboratory. Most computing laboratory are primarily used for scheduled classes. In Computing Laboratory 1 (RM. B12) are located the Computing Laboratory Office. In Computing Laboratory 2(RM. B13) and Computing Laboratory 3(RM. B6) most BSIT students classes.

Internet Laboratory

Is a place where students can access online academic, databases and information resources that can help their studies and research.

Micro-Bio Laboratory

Most of the student have this class experiment in biology topics.

Speech Laboratory

An air–conditioned speech laboratory is available for use of students desiring to develop their proficiency in oral communication. The laboratory uses up to date and modern strategies in enhancing the oral communication of students in consonance with the desire of the university to prepare its graduates for global competition where communication is a required asset.

Criminology Laboratories

crime laboratory – often shortened to crime lab – is a scientific laboratory, using primarily forensic science for the purpose of examining evidence from criminal cases.

A typical crime lab has two sets of personnel:

  • Field analysts – investigators that go to crime scenes, collect evidence, and process the scene. Job titles include:
    • Forensic evidence technician
    • Crime scene investigator**
    • Scenes of crime officer (SOCO)
  • Laboratory analysts – scientists or other personnel who run tests on the evidence once it is brought to the lab (i.e., DNA tests, or bullet striations). Job titles include:
    • Forensic Technician (performs support functions such as making reagents)
    • Forensic Scientist/Criminalist (performs scientific analyses on evidence)
    • Fingerprint Analyst
    • Forensic Photographer
    • Forensic Document Examiner
    • Forensic Entomologist


The School promotes the physical and skills development of the students through various sports activities designed to inculcate the values if fair play, teamwork, and sportsmanship notably through the annual intramural’s and participation in the various local and national competitions.

The School has one (1) gymnasium and outdoor /indoor basketball courts, and volleyball court.


chapel is a religious place of fellowship, prayer and worship – most often associated with interfaith worship services.The UM Chapel is located near at Gate 2.

UM Health Service Center

The health services (Medical and Dental Clinic) is maintained to promote the health and well-being of the UM Digos College Community. The Clinic is manned by full-time and part-time physicians, dentist and nurses. Students may avail of free consultations, first aid, and initial dosage of medication for common ailments.


  • Medical services include consultation, blood pressure taking, dispensing of over the counter medicines, parental medications, wound care physical examination, family welfare program.
  • Dental services include consultation, dispensing of medicines, annual oral examination (elementary and high school) and simple tooth extraction.

Automotive Laboratory

Chemistry|Physics Laboratory

BTTE Laboratory

Psychology Laboratory

Director’s Office

Dean’s Office

Program Head’s Office

Student Accounts Office (SAO)


Records and Admission Center (RAC)

Guidance and Testing Center

Student’s Lounge

Open Stage


Study Area


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