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Jenniffer L. Ramos

Assistant Chief Librarian

um digos college 
 Learning and Information Center (UMDC-LIC)

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The Learning and Information Center (LIC) is a place in the university (UM-Main and Branches) that provides access to information in many formats and in many sources such as books, theses and dissertations, periodicals, multimedia materials, electronic resources and online databases.

UM Digos College Library commonly referred as the Learning and Information Center (LIC) is headed by a licensed librarian who is trained, experienced and has attended various continuing professional development through training, seminars and conferences as required in the Job Description Manual.

The Library Procedural Manual has been reviewed and revised to meet the stakeholders’ needs related to instruction and research. The chief librarian is an active member of the Departmental Heads and the Library Action Committees.

One best practice of the LIC is its functional Faculty Library Action Committee (FLAC) and Student Library Action Committee (SLAC). The main task of the committees is to help promote quality services. It is chaired by a faculty and a librarian as a record keeper. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the library services; the Center is guided by Annual Operational Plans (AOPs).

The Learning and Information Center (LIC) Functional Chart is displayed visibly to provide information and ready reference of the functional tasks and scope of responsibilities among LIC personnel. This will also guide the staff for effective and efficient acquisition of supplies, equipment and furniture, and even in the processing of the library materials through proper channels.

The LIC is supported by three (4) professional, trained, and competent librarians and two (2) paraprofessional staff. All professional librarians are license holders and members of professional organizations both local and national levels.

The Learning and Information Center provides the following:

  1. Provide the students, faculty members and employees of the educational institution greater access to the various formats of learning resources both print and non-print materials, in order to support the academic programs of the college.
  2. Provide students, faculty members and employees with library materials that will enhance their personal living and creativity towards self through the provision of leisure reading and recreational activities.
  3. Provide students, faculty members and employees of the educational institution with materials that will harness their research skills, supplement their reference and information needs and other intellectual pursuits that would lead them to independent study.

For more inquiries:

Contact #: +639291993501 / +639614167256

Email: licdigos@umindanao.edu.ph 

Official FB page linkhttps://www.facebook.com/UM-Learning-and-Information-Center-Digos

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