LIC Services


Library operations concerned with the acquisition, organization and maintenance of the library collection.

  • Acquisition

Handles the development of print and non-print collection of the LIC by selection, ordering and purchasing of library materials in cooperation with the faculty and staff of the university.

  • Cataloging

Centralized system that takes care of the organization of library materials through bibliographic description, classification and mechanical processing of library materials to facilitate access to all materials that the library holds and acquires. Responsible in the maintenance of the OPAC, KOHA LMS database, shelf-list, and union catalog of the LIC.

  • Preservation and Conservation

Handles the maintenance of library materials through mending and repair. Preservation includes all activities associated with the maintenance of resources and preservation of information content. Conservation refers to the treatment of the physical items themselves in order to extend their usable life through binding and repair.

  • Abstracting and Indexing Service

Organizes information to make it more readily available and easily retrievable to users through abstracts and indexes.


Oversees the operations of all the programs, services, and facilities that concern the information needs of UM faculty and students.

  • Circulation Services

Responsible for the checking out (borrowing), checking in (returning), renewal, recall and overdue fines computation of library materials through the circulation desk.

  • Reserve Section Services

Reserve collections consist of high demand materials or course-required reading materials selected by instructors for use by students enrolled in specific courses.

  • Research and Reference Assistance Service

This service provides assistance, guidance, and instruction to users in accessing and retrieving information as well as help users prepare bibliography of all forms of information resources.

  • Periodical Services

Provide local and foreign journals, magazines, newspapers; and, clippings from newspapers and ephemeral materials. Periodical materials with completed issues are bound and indexed for easy access.

  • Provision of Filipiniana Materials

LIC provides books on various subjects or topics in Philippine setting, or any topic related to the Philippines regardless of author and imprint.

  • Inter-Library and Referral Services

Provide referral letters for students planning to use the library facilities of other institutions. Certifications may be requested and can be claimed the following day.

  • Current Awareness Service

Provides updates to new acquisitions and events of the LIC through bulletin board display.

  • Audiovisual Room

Offers audiovisual and preview room for viewing of instructional media materials. Request on the use of the AVR must be filed three (3) days before the scheduled use.


  • Internet Services

Provides facility to access the internet and the online databases subscribed by the LIC.

  • CD-ROM and Multimedia Services

Houses the electronic resources (CD-ROMs) some of which are accompanying materials of books. Computer units in the eResources section can be utilized to access the media.

  • Wi-Fi Internet Access

There are Wi-Fi spots distributed within the campus.

  • Web OPAC

The electronic version of the card catalog. It is an organized and searchable collection of records of library resources; this will help library users locate a particular item in the library. This can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet connection.

  • Entrance Monitoring Service

An electronic device that captures data of users entering the library premises for the purpose of efficiently, accurately & expeditiously record library attendance. Users are requested to scan their IDs or key-in their ID number upon entering the LIC.


The Learning and Information Center (LIC) is a place in the college that provides access to information in many formats and in many sources such as books, theses and dissertations, periodicals, multimedia materials, electronic resources and online databases.

The LIC uses the Koha Library Management System to organize and provides access to the library collection anytime and anywhere through its web OPAC (Web Online Public Access Catalog).

The college LIC offers Audio Visual Room for viewing of instructional media materials such as DVDs and VCDs.

e-Resources section is provided accessing the internet and the Online Databases such as Proquest, E-brary, Sage reference, World e-book and Proquest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT).

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