Support & Services

Guidance and Testing Center 
The School maintains a Guidance and Testing Center ready to meet the needs of every student. It is concerned about the student welfare, student’s need, helping and assisting students to actualize their potentials in order to become mature and responsible individuals of society. 
The center provides individual/group counseling, aptitude/psychological testing and spiritual upliftment activities. 

Medical and Dental Clinic 
The Medical and Dental Clinic is maintained to promote the health and the well being of the students and employees. The clinic is manned by a full-time nurse and part-time physician and dentist. 
Students can avail of free consultations, first aid, and initial dosage of medication for common ailments. They can also avail the following services from the dentist: oral examinations and other common dental treatments. 

Student and Alumni Affairs Office 
A. The Student and Alumni Affairs Office supervises student behavior, conduct and discipline. Operating within the context of the Mission and Goals of UM Digos Branch, the Student and Alumni Affairs Office is both an administrative and service office. It is administrative in the sense that it serves to enforce and implement all policies, rules and regulations of the School as well as those of the Commission on Higher Education with respect to: (1) the student’s general conduct, behavior, and discipline; (2) student organizations, association, programs, forum, and activities. It is a service office in the sense that it serves and look after the welfare and interest of the students. 

B. The Student Affairs Coordinator.

The Coordinator of Student Affairs is appointed by the School Director with the consent of the University President and Board of Trustees. She reports to the Director and directs the non-academic aspects of student life at the collegiate level. The functions, among others include: 
1. acts as liaison between the Head of Ancillary Services and other school officers on all matters that concern non-academic needs of students; 2. keeps the academic heads, the faculty, and the student body well performed on the various aspects of student life; 3. develops clear policies for and appoint faculty moderators/advisers for various student or organizations; 4. works closely with academic heads, faculty and Student Government, and prepare a semestral calendar of student activities; 5. issues directives on student behavior and take overall of student discipline; 6. approves posting of notices and posters, and authorized circulation or distribution of leaflets, flyers and other similar information materials within the School premises; 7. proposes students deserving leadership awards, and read the citations at the graduation exercises; 8. recommends official recognition or disallowance of student organizations; 9. all other related functions as deemed appropriately assigned by the Head, Ancillary Services, EVP for Administration and//or the President. 

Sports Center 
The School promotes the physical and skills development of the students through various sports activities designed to inculcate the values if fair play, teamwork, and sportsmanship notably through the annual intramurals and participation in the various local and national competitions. 
The School has one (1) gymnasium and outdoor /indoor basketball courts, and volleyball court. 

Student Publication 
The New Exposé is the official student publication of the School. Students can express their views on issues affecting them within the bounds of journalistic ethics. 
Due to its unique nature, it has trained writers, journalists, editors and has even paved the way for those who are presently involved in print media. 

PX Canteen 
A Canteen is available at an accessible place in the campus to provide affordable and fast food services to students and a comfortable venue where they can eat with ease and exchange pleasantries with their classmates and friends while partaking of their meals. Various meals are served at different times of the day catering to the needs of the students and employees alike. 

Community Extension Services 
This office is primarily responsible in providing the faculty and students with opportunities to undertake programs, projects and activities designed to uplift the quality of life of a disadvantaged / underprivileged group or community outside the School. 

Research and Publication Center 
The center is responsible for assuring quality education by inculcating a culture inclined towards significant and productive research in a conducive environment by providing good facilities and technical and professional assistance both to faculty and to the students.

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