UMDC Peace Center Logo

With great pride and pleasure, We present to you the official logo of the UMDC Peace Center, a beacon of hope and inspiration in our journey towards a world filled with peace and understanding. This remarkable logo has been carefully crafted, incorporating elements embodying peace’s true spirit. Let us explore the symbolism behind this design.
DOVE – a powerful representation of peace, unity, and goodwill. Its graceful wings and gentle demeanor convey a message of harmony and solidarity.
LEAF – symbolizing growth, vitality, and renewal. As nature evolves, the leaf reminds us of the continuous journey toward peace and the ever-present need for nurturing and growth. COLORS
HUE OF GOLDEN YELLOW – graces this design, radiating optimism, enlightenment, and joy. Its warm and rich tones infuse the logo with positivity and hope.
GREEN – a color that represents nature, balance, and harmony, stands alongside golden yellow. It signifies the interconnectedness of all living beings and serves as a gentle reminder to live in peace with our environment.
CIRCULAR ENCLOSURE – a symbol of unity, wholeness, and completeness. It signifies the interconnectedness of all individuals and nations, emphasizing the significance of collective efforts in achieving peace. A sense of protection is evoked within its enclosed space, creating an environment of safety and security. This extraordinary logo embodies the values and aspirations of the UMDC Peace Center. It is a powerful reminder of our commitment to peace, unity, growth, and the harmonious coexistence of all.
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